4 ingredient juice- baby lettuce, celery, cucumber, whole lemon. Organic. Omega juicer press. Salty and yummy #alikamenova #intervalyoga #juice #greenjuice #cucumberjuice #rawjuice

4 ingredient juice- baby lettuce, celery, cucumber, whole lemon. Organic. Omega juicer press. Salty and yummy #alikamenova #intervalyoga #juice #greenjuice #cucumberjuice #rawjuice

Anonymous asked: I don't know if this is normal or not, but whenever I eat dates my heart starts racing really fast and I feel out of breath. Is this normal? Love and Bless!

not normal. maybe you are allergic to dates or the pollen on them? not sure but thats a symptom of allergic reaction. be careful.

Anonymous asked: Dear Ali, after a long period of eating paleo, I developed acidic body and "damp heat". I would like to ask you, about your opinion of eating lot of raw fruit and vegetables in climate, that isn't tropical or warm. I guess, it can't be very beneficial for internal dampness? I enjoy raw fruit and a lot of starch in sweet potatoes, hate the macrbiotic way of eating. Thank you for your help, kindness and being you, love <3

yes, i fond fruits and most veggies to be great for dampness contrary to some of the information out there. try it out. especially with summer coming. pale in general is very hard on the body. the internal organs suffer from it.

Anonymous asked: Hi Ali, Do Dates need to be organic or is it ok to buy them conventional since they can end up being very expensive? Sending Love!

i don’t think they spray them but you can look further into that. the more important part is that they are not pasteurized. fresh dates are only common in the places they grow in. so if you don’t have access to dates choose other sweet fruits. they are all excellent :D love

Anonymous asked: Dear Ali, How late do you usually eat dinner? How many hours do you recommend between meals?

depends on the meals. you should basically eat on an empty stomach. for example fruit digests quickly so you don’t have to wait long. fats and multi-ingredient dishes take longer. i am not goo dat always eating dinner early. generally between 6-9 pm

Juicy loquats #alikamenova #intervalyoga #loquat #loquats #lfrv #fruit #vegan

Juicy loquats #alikamenova #intervalyoga #loquat #loquats #lfrv #fruit #vegan

dropping-fat asked: Hey Ali! I have a fast question. For the longest time I've had pain and stiffness in my right wrist. I can't bend it very far and hurts when I try, and that makes it really hard to do Plank/Chaturanga. Sometimes I try it on my fists but that makes for a harder transition into Downward-Facing Dog. Any tips? Thank you, love you!

is it from inflammation, repetitive injury. focus on an anti inflammatory diet- fruits, veggies, herbs. get the acidic foods out of your diet. modify the poses and slowly increase the time you put weight on your wrists. also watch my video on wrist alignment. hope that helps.

Anonymous asked: How many times a week do you do long yoga sequences (at least 50-60 mins) and how many times do you do quick HIIT workouts? Do you think working out twice a day is a good option? Thank you.

It depends. I don’t do long sequences very often right now. My life is active and i don’t feel i need it. If you are not very active through the day and it doesn’t leave you fatigued and exhausted you can do 2 short sequences a day. In general it’s best to avoid over-working out. It leads to overeating and fatigue. Therefore it can stunt the progress.

Anonymous asked: HI Ali. I am 19 years old and have mild acne. I eat a mainly raw vegan diet and do yoga/exercise. I have tried a lot of different things but I still seem to have some scaring from my acne. I do put lemon on my face, but is there anything else you suggest for acne? Thank you.

The scarring might take a while. With proper nutrition you should see continuous improvement. Also topical fruit and turmeric masks should help. If it’s bothering you and you need to see faster results you can go to a dermatologist- lok into derma rolling, lasers, and the rest of the non invasive procedures they offer.

Jackfruit &amp; durian party #alikamenova #intervalyoga #jackfruit #durian #rawfood #lfrv #801010

Jackfruit & durian party #alikamenova #intervalyoga #jackfruit #durian #rawfood #lfrv #801010